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Terms & Conditions

The Buyer and the Dispensary are the Parties in this agreement.
It is agreed and acknowledged by the Parties that:
The Dispensary supplies products - known in this agreement as 'products'. Products may be one or several items. Products may include medical marijuana or marijuana infused products.
The Buyer wishes to buy products from the Dispensary and the Dispensary wishes to sell those products to the Buyer.
One of the purposes of this agreement is to ensure that the Dispensary is making best endeavours to behave in a professional, legal, responsible and safe manner at all times.
The Dispensary will make every endeavour to ensure that the products are supplied as described but cannot and will not guarantee the quality, safety or potency of all products. Top Drawer Canna takes pride in producing and selecting some of Canada's finest cannabis products from the best producers.
The Buyer states that:
They are purchasing these products for their own use and consumption
The products will not be given or sold to anyone else
They are at least 19 years old
There is no legal, medical or any other reason why they should not purchase these products.
This purchase satisfies the requirements of every law applicable including local, state and federal laws.
The Buyer agrees that they will exercise care when they consume the products and that they take full responsibility for consuming the products.
The Buyer agrees to consume the products in the amounts and times as prescribed.
The Buyer understands and agrees that their prescription defines the amount of marijuana per month that they can buy and that they only buy this quantity.
The Buyer agrees not to consume marijuana in any manner that could endanger the safety or well-being of themselves, or other people, or property, or any thing of value.
The Buyer understands that while Canada is considering relaxing the law on marijuana, this has not happened yet and purchasing and possessing marijuana remains unlawful for unlicensed patients.
The Buyer understands and acknowledges that the marijuana in the products may cause a number of symptoms including, but not limited to, problems with memory and learning; distorted perception (sights, sounds, time, touch); difficulty in thinking and problem solving; loss of coordination and motor skills; increased heart rate, anxiety, bloodshot eyes, dry mouth. Marijuana usage is not recommended for people who are pregnant as it can affect the baby.
The Buyer agrees to act accordingly and in particular NOT to drive any car or operate any other mechanical or other device after consuming the products or while under the influence or being impaired by the effects of marijuana.
The Buyer accepts responsibility for all their actions taken after purchasing and/or consuming the products. The Buyer absolves and protects the Dispensary, TOP DRAWER CANNA, for all actions, claims, demands, or damages caused directly or indirectly, as a result of supplying the products to the Buyer.
The Buyer agrees to provide evidence of identity, address, occupation and date of birth before taking possession of the products if requested by the Dispensary.
The Buyer is responsible for the products as soon as they take possession of them. This includes physical safety as well as ensuring that the products are not made available to anyone else either with the Buyer's permission or not.
This agreement will apply to the first and all subsequent purchases by the Buyer. However, the Dispensary reserves the right to amend this agreement in the future and request the Buyer to agree with any future agreement before the Buyer can take possession of the products.
This agreement is made under the laws of Canada and any disputes or legal action will be decided in a court in Canada. Only the Buyer or the Dispensary can make any claims or take any actions under this agreement.
The Buyer is not affiliated in any way with any Law Enforcement.
The Buyer can request a copy of this agreement, once only, and the Dispensary will provide a copy.